Calcium and magnesium.

Calcium and magnesium are now commonly missing from our diets.

This is a great shame as neither of these critical elements is overly expensive, however don’t get mislead by trying to supplement your diet with either calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate as these cannot be used effectively by the body in this form.

One of the best ways currently available is either as citrates or orotates. Both of these forms have a reasonable degree of absorption. Although the great progress now being made with stem cells research which is promising great results for our future health care, we still need to provide our bodies with its essential nutrients.

I am sure that as we continue to make great progress in our understanding of stem cells and the great benefit this will produce, let us not understate the importance of providing our bodies with the nutrients it needs for our health and well-being.

Both calcium and magnesium are now becoming in short supply in our modern diets, particularly magnesium.

This is interesting because absorption of calcium is very dependent on the presence of magnesium and therefore if there is a shortage of magnesium this is going to lead to a shortage of calcium no matter how much calcium we can obtain from our diets.

To help our bodies to absorb the magnesium that is available to us it must be supported by adequate amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin D and selenium.

See Magnesium citrate

Unfortunately vitamin D is also in short supply as we normally acquire this from direct sunlight on our bodies which few of us normally receive due to our climate and the need to remain warmly clothed.

I am sorry this article is full of negatives, however if you understand this it will provide you with an opportunity to improve your health and well-being.

Leave calcium and magnesium-go to Life extension.

The importance of both these minerals is underestimated and can play a significant role in your everyday health.

To your health and happiness. Eddie Mace.