Umbilical cord.

You can reduce the effects of aging.

The author. Eddie mace, Recent photo, aged 91.

Umbilical cord stem cells may have value for the child's future health.

The problems of compatibility has presented a huge problem with stem cell research.

( Note, Our own stem cells can reduce the effects of aging)

Therefor these cells have recently acquired a great deal of importance.

It’s been discovered these cells are a very valuable source of the mothers all important stem cells and as such they are totally compatible with her progeny.

These cells now have considerable value for the offspring of any mother.

Some people are now resorting to deep freezing their child’s umbilical cord cells in order to have them available for emergency use later in the life of the mothers offspring.

Unique stem cells.
For mothers, these umbilical cord stem cells are unique to yourself and also your progeny.

This makes them very valuable as there is very little risk of them being rejected if they are ever needed for medical support of the child.

Cord blood banking promises a safer future for your child and your family.

It’s greatest use lies probably in the area of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is involved in repair of damaged organs particularly as we get older and we now have a product which can reduce the effects of aging.

A good example could be with a sick child where these stem cells could be highly effective.

Another great area of progress is the work of scientist Christian Drapeau , MSc

He has discovered a method of increasing the number of stem cells which your own body is producing.

These stem cells can reduce the effects of aging.

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This discovery has completely eliminated the rejection problem which has plagued the work of stem cell researchers since these cells were first discovered.

Our bodies are phenomenally effective at rejecting anything which it does not recognise as its own. This has caused enormous problems in many areas of medical science.

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We now know these adult stem cells can reduce the effects of aging and are the bodies built in natural repair system.

Our body constantly uses these cells to reduce the effects of aging and overcome illnesses when ever the need arises.

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What makes this big breakthrough so important is that it is available at minimal cost and is easily affordable for most people.

All these other stem cell findings may be great but are very expensive and often outside the affordability of the average individual.

Wishing you well in your interest in health and longevity.

  Eddie Mace.