Umbilical cord blood.

Umbilical cord blood which was in the past discarded is now considered to be very valuable.

How come?.

This blood is very rich in stem cells and stem cells are now being recognised as the future of modern medicine.

It is now becoming recognised that these cells are used by the body as a means of maintenance and repair.

The more stem cells you have available for repair the healthier you are.

The more your body becomes depleted of these cells the greater trouble you will have recovering from any non optimum health condition.

If you look up the New England Journal of Medicine you will find the no 1 indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating in the body.

We now know that it is just not your heart that benefits from having adequate stem cells, as these cells also play a major role in your general health.

There are all sorts of expensive procedures being developed for the collection and re injection of stem cells back into the body and a lot of these carry a high risk apart from their high cost which often includes overseas travel.

A far better approach was adopted by scientist Christian Drapeau ,MSc who has discovered a means of having the body itself increase its own supply of stem cells with a product from an aquatic plant( a form of algae).

This has been scientifically proven to increase the stem cells you body produces by up to 30%.

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