Tissue regeneration.

Tissue regeneration actually occurs each time we injure or even cut ourselves.

We depend on regeneration of body tissues for wounds to heal even when a slight burn occurs, how else do you think our body repairs itself?.

It is only now that the discovery of our stem cells has been revealed that we are able to understand the mechanism of body repair.

When you were younger, your body had a fairly rapid repair rate, but as you get older your repair rate slows down. We always knew and accepted this as a part of getting older, however we now know the answer to this.

At about 30 years of age we start to lose our ability to produce these critical stem cells that we use for our body repair, therefore by the time we reach 50 or so we can no longer provide these essential cells in the required quantity to carry out our body’s needs.

If it just stopped there, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the fact is, as we get older we are constantly losing important cells because the cells of our body have only a limited life span and need to be replaced.

Stem cells are the most powerful cells in the body. ( Dr Cliff Minter)

Some cells only have a life span of a few weeks and others like our bones last for many years.

Can you now see that many of our illnesses come about as we get older due to our inability to provide the replacement cells our body needs?.

By increasing the ability of our body to supply these stem cells for its maintenance, we have made a major contribution to our longevity.

Enter Christian Drapeau .MSc, who after years of investigation has made a major discovery, (now patented) which has been scientifically proven to increase the production of our own stem cells by up to 30%.

This has long term potential for repairing all sorts of physical difficulties as is now being proven by thousands people.

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