Supplements for anti aging.

Reduce aging effects.

The author. Eddie Mace recent photo aged 92 years.

The best supplements for anti aging come from stem cells.

Stem cells information.

Stem cells are the body’s natural repair system.

Supporting these cells will assist our bodies ability to resist aging.

Many people are now recovering from various forms of sickness or accidents by using a stem cell supplement.

We all depend on stem cells for our bodies repair and maintenance and by the time we reach the age of about 50 the availability of these stem cells have greatly reduced and it takes much longer to recover from any disability.

When we get older the characteristics of our bone marrow on which we depend for the supply of these important stem cells changes.

These age problems make it harder for the body to support its maintenance functions and hence the body’s health declines.

Many research attempts to use EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS was unsuccessful.

These cells became uncontrollable and frequently became cancerous.

Using embryonic cells was also heavily opposed by many people; however, using ADULT STEM CELLS success is now happening.

Anything that will increase ADULT STEM CELLS circulating in the blood stream will have a pronounced effect on health.

The Vatican.

Vatican council meeting.

The Vatican, was strongly opposed to any use of embryonic stem cells; however they are now strongly supporting the use of adult stem cells .

Watch this Vatican video on stem cell treatment where you will see an interesting stem cell report.

See stem cell treatment.

Be sure to watch the video!

We need to realise the tremendous ability of the body to repair itself.

Assisting the body by whatever means is available to help it carry out its maintenance functions is very important to support its health.

For example, when we bandage a wound what we are really doing is assisting the BODY to carry out its important repairs.

Important information.

By increasing these therapeutic stem cells it will have a pronounced effect on the body’s ability to repair itself and will reduce the effects of aging.

This is important information for your ongoing longevity.

Finding supplements for anti aging will provide you with great benefits particularly if it can increase the stemcells circulating in your blood stream.

Great progress.

Important progress has been made by this Canadian scientist.

Christian Drapeau, M.Sc,

This  Canadian scientist has discovered a botanical product which can increase the stem cells circulating in the blood stream by up to 43%.

This great product is patented and now becoming available in many countries.

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I am 92 years old and have had great help using this product as I am now almost free from the need of medical drugs.

I hope this has helped you find supplements for anti aging.

Eddie Mace.