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The author. Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 91.

Stemcells information.

These are one of the bodies master cells and have the ability to grow into any one of the bodies 200 types of cells.

Research is now uncovering a lot more information on this important subject.

The adult stem cells are the building blocks of the bodies healing system.

Great progress is now developing from  research into these adult stem cells.  

This subject is now going to dominate medical research for a long time into the future as this technology can provide great help to improve our future health.

I hope the following information will help to clarify this.

There are two main areas of stem cell research, embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Briefly, embryonic cells really only exist for about 4 days after conception.

Adult stem cells however, continue throughout the life of the individual.

Embryonic stemcells.

During past investigations over one trillion dollars have been spent largely on investigating embryonic stem cells.

So far no practical method to utilise these cells has been achieved.

The greatest difficulty researchers are having with embryonic cells is that they can get out of control and become cancerous.

These cells appear to manifest a life of their own and refuse to be manipulated or controlled.

So for this reason these cells have prevented any successful health care use or application.

We can’t utilise them for any remedial or health care health functions or purposes.

Whilst a lot of valuable information has no doubt been acquired with these embryonic cells, so far none of this has provided any prospects for improving our health or our well being.

A few years ago there were great expectations for embryonic stem cells and many confident predictions filled the news media promising all sorts medical miracles.

What at one time suggested they would provide great hopes to improve our health has now unfortunately become a major disappointment

However, time moves on; new research is now promising great results by using adult stem cells.

New technology using these adult cells is now providing great hope for our future health.

The ongoing research now offers one of the most fruitful areas of investigation for improving our health that science can offer us today.

We are now entering a totally new area of research using adult stem cells.

At long last we are seeing our past hopes with stem cell technology starting to bear fruit.

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Great progress is now occurring using these cells.

For more information on the great progress which is now occurring

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Stemcells technology now offers us a new opportunity to overcome illnesses which have previously defied all our past attempts to find solutions.

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To your future good health.

Eddie Mace.