Stem cells pros and cons.

Stem cells pros and cons are now swinging heavily towards the pros' area.

Whilst in the past the bulk of the attention was directed to the unacceptable consequences of manipulating EMBRYONIC stem cells, particularly on moral or religious grounds things have now changed.

As the bulk of attention is now being currently directed to ADULT STEM CELLS there is far less controversy occurring with this adult stem cell research.

Things like an anti aging supplement is now attracting a lot of attention.

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Stem cells are infant cells that can develop into specialised cells in the body.

Although research using embryonic stem cells has failed to produce the great expectations which were anticipated with them adult stem cells are now showing great promise.

When you are looking for stem cells pros and cons you need to be aware of the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells.

These adult stem cells have invoked great excitement as they offer great hopes of being able to rebuild organs damaged by disease or even accidents.

One of the major difficulties so far has been the huge expense involved in using this great promise for our future health.

However, great progress is being made and one of the most exciting is the work of scientist Christian Drapeau MSc seen here.

He has discovered a natural aquatic product to improve the release of your own stem cells into your blood stream thus enabling some amazing body repairs to occur.

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