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When we were born we had about 130 trillion cells in our body.

In time these cells deteriorate and most of them have only a limited life span.

Our body needs these adult stem cells using them to repair organs and tissues..

Adult stem cells are not organ specific and the body uses them to replace cells that are deteriorating and need replacing.

These cells become a perfect replacement for any faulty cells and play a major role in keeping our bodies in optimal working order.

This system works fine until we reach the age of about 25, thereafter the adult stem cells available in our blood stream slowly decreases and our ability to remain fit and well declines.

As we steadily get older our health slowly begins to deteriorate.

This may not be particularly noticeable at first and we generally accept this as “normal” because we are “getting older”.

The real reason is, we no longer have sufficient stem cells available to overcome these illnesses or infections and our health unfortunately begins to deteriorate.

If we can maintain the level of these stem cells in our blood stream we can maintain our good health for a great deal longer.

These stem cells are the body’s own maintenance and repair system.

Stem cell injections which are being used today to solve various body problems, have about 3 to 5 million stem cells in the injection which costs about $10.000 to $20.000.

These injections however must come from the recipients own body in order to prevent rejection.

However here is some good news.

A patented product called Stem Enhance, has been scientifically proven to increase the availability of these stem cells in our blood stream by up to 43%.

This Stem Enhance product increases these stem cells in the body which  then can use them to replenish and maintain itself in good working order.

The cost of these Stem Enhance capsules is amazingly cheap and has a money back guarantee.

In addition, phycocyanin which is also in this stem enhance product and gives it a blue tint, has been shown to have anti inflammatory and strong anti oxidant properties as well.

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