Stem cells future.

How to reduce the effects of aging.

he author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

Stem cells future is enormous.

At long last we have the prospect of improving our health without having to depend on drugs.

Whilst drugs are important they all unfortunately have side effects.

If you doubt this, next time you renew a prescription for a drug, ask your chemist for a copy of the information regarding the drug.

You will be amazed at the possible side effects the drugs can cause.

All drugs have side effects.

The stem cells future is going to be huge because it helps our body to naturally repair itself from all sorts of health difficulties.

Our body’s stem cells natural function is to overcome illnesses and any threats to our health.

If you cut your finger and then bandage it, all you are really doing is helping your stem cells to carry out repairs.

 Without stem cells your finger would never repair itself.

This is important information particularly as we get older.

Your bandage didn’t repair you’re the finger; however it did serve another useful purpose.

That’s why as we get older, due to the reduction in the number of our stem cells, it takes much longer for our finger to repair itself.

Any way you can increase the number of stem cells in your blood stream will have a pronounced beneficial effect on your health.

This is very important information!

See Age problems.

Today an enormous amount of money is being spent on increasing the stem cells around a poorly functioning body part with considerable success rates.

One of the problems here has been finding a compatible donor.

However there has been an important discovery which will increase the stem cells in our blood stream and doesn’t require a donor. .

We now know these blood stream stem cells play a major part in our health.

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This discovery is going to have a large impact for our future health as I have already discovered since using it.

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Eddie Mace.