Stem cells forum.

See stem cell forum.

The author. Eddie Mace, resent photo aged 92.

Stem cells forum is now attracting a lot of attention.

The fact is, stem cells are now being recognised for the great potential they have for improving our health.

In the past disputes and disagreements arose when EMBRYONIC stem cells were the prime target of stem cell  research.

I am now very happy that research is now being directed to ADULT stem cells.

A huge amount of research money has already been spent on embryonic stem cell research all to no avail

I have written a great deal of information on the great success now being achieved with adult stem cells on this associated page called STEM CELL FORUM.

Just change the word to CELL instead of CELLS.

I suggest you now logon on to this page


There you will find a lot of interesting information on the great success now being achieved using these adult stem cells.

Stem cells are now leading the way forward in medical science.

Eddie Mace.