Stem cells debate.

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The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

This Stem cells debate is largely about EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS.

This debate has been a largely controversial area in medical research due largely to the destruction of human embryos.

Also there have been difficulties due to legal and regulatory concerns.

In spite of this, there have been unbelievable sums of money being spent across the world on research with these stem cells.

There was a huge problem using these EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS due to the risk of creating cancer, also using these stem cells required the use of day’s old embryos because after a few days these stem cells changed and became ADULT STEM CELLS.

Earlier work on adult cells was abandoned due to difficulties involved in their use.

More recently however, a different method of using these cells is now producing some great results and this is going to have a big impact on our future health care methods.

A lot of research has now shifted to ADULT STEM CELLS where great progress is now happening.

There has already been considerable success using these adult stem cells.

 One of the major difficulties using these stem cells has been the large cost involved.

This involves costly medical procedures which unfortunately I believe will limit the success of their use.

There has however been a big breakthrough by a Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau, who after several years work has found a natural product which is capable of increasing the critical stem cells in our blood stream by up to 43%.

Christian Drapeau MSc.

These ADULT STEM CELLS play a huge part in our ability to fight off and recover from illness.

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I hope this has helped you better understand what this stem cell debate is about.

Eddie Mace.

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