Stem cell videos.

The author, Eddie Mace. Recent photo aged 91.

Stem cell videos are now attracting a lot of attention and I think you will find this page quite interesting.

Around the turn of the century great hope was held for stem cells technology and it was believed that this would have a big impact on our future health.

Unfortunately, all the research then being done on stem cells was totally directed to embryonic stem cells which by the way had developed a huge amount of disagreement particularly from religious circles.

Numerous attempts were made to utilise adult stem cells which then unfortunately failed, largely due to the research methods then being used.

As time moved on these attempts to use embryonic stem cells failed due to these cells becoming cancerous.

There have now been new attempts to use adult stem cells and this has gained a lot of momentum.

Great success is now beginning to occur using these adult stem cells and already we are now seeing success with a number of previously difficult illness problems.

The past resistance to using stem cells has now greatly diminished and the use of stem cells research has now greatly increased as you can see by logging onto this video.

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There you will see a video about stem cell research.

This video is very interesting and only takes 2or3 minutes.

Following the failed attempts to use embryonic stem cells there has been a great number of attempts to use adult stem cells and while some successes are now occurring one of the primary difficulties has been the costly medical expenses involved in using these adult cells.

However there is  major exception to this.

Due to the work of a Canadian Scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc. who has after a lot of research isolated a natural product which can increase the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream by up 25%.

This is a major exception to what has been occurring with the usual stem cell research attempts and this has now become so successful that the product has now been patented.

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The number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream plays an important role in our health.

If you are interested in this and would like more information on this important discovery click here.

Due to the success of this adult stem cell technology, these stem cell videos are now attracting a lot of attention and I shall be including more of them on this stem cell miracles site shortly.

Join me and enjoy future health. (I am 91 years old and am now in very good health)

Eddie Mace.