Stem cell uses.

Reduce your aging.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 92.

Stem cell uses are now attracting attention.

These cells were first discovered over 50 years ago, however there potential was not recognised until 1998.

That is when the name stem cells was coined and this has now become a worldwide term for these cells.

That was the start of the tremendous amount of interest in stem cells and today there are over 4000 research organisations currently involved in stem cell research.

Across the world there is huge amount of money being spent as people are trying to find a solution to our dependence on the use of medical drugs.

We need to find a better method of maintaining our health than depending on medical drugs.

People are beginning to realise medical drugs don’t actually cure our problems, however they can help to reduce the effects of many illnesses and make life a easier.

Unfortunately all these medical drugs have unwanted side effects.

For over 10 years the majority of research on stem cells was concentrated on embryonic stem cells hoping to find some stem cell uses that would provide some effective therapy to improve our health care system.

Unfortunately all their efforts were thwarted by the fact that these embryonic stem cells had a bad habit of turning cancerous.

Attempts to use adult stem cells did not respond to the procedures then being used and these attempts were largely abandoned.

Luckily some investigators discovered a successful new approach to using these adult stem cells.

This was a huge discovery and since then the stem cell uses have continued to develop with great interest now happening worldwide.

A lot of new discoveries have been made with some success, however with one exception the all require hospital facilities which makes them expensive.

The greatest discovery in my opinion has come from the investigation of a Canadian scientist.

Canadian scientist, Christian Drapeau, MsC.

For many years this scientist had been investigating the therapeutic value of a product from a lake in North America.

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His research then subsequently found that this product was so successful because it could release stem cells into the blood stream.

Further research has continued and now a product has been patented and released into the market.

It is now available in a number of countries and if you want more information I suggest you look at the following pages which you will find very informative.

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This stem cell research is revealing new stem cell uses and promises great prospects for our ongoing health as I have already discovered.

Eddie Mace.

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