Stem cell transplant.

Stem cell transplant usually involves removing the stem cells in your bone marrow which have been diagnosed as faulty for some reason.

This is often caused by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or things like leukaemia.

This transplant procedure is an expensive process which can use your own adult stem cells or those from a donor. While there is a considerable success rate achieved, a simpler form or method of dealing with these situations would be highly desirable.

Great progress is steadily being made by other methods of using these adult stem cells. Many reports are now being seen in the media showing great promise in this area of research.

Embryonic stem cells on the other hand, in spite of the huge amount of money being spent on researching them, have yet to provide a single therapeutic beneficial application.

There has been numerous successes using these adult cells but the area I find most interesting is the work done by a Scientist Christian Drapeau. MSc, who has found a way to increase the number of stem cells being produced in your own bone marrow by up to 30% with a simple natural supplement.

This supplement has been scientifically tested and patented and is producing some amazing improvements in health for a lot of people with all sorts of difficulties including I might add, a number of my own difficulties which have responded amazingly well.

I shall be 90 next year and am now doing fine , thank you!.

If you log onto the following site, you will find a considerable amount of information on this very exciting discovery about stem cells.

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