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The amount of money being spent on stem cell research is staggering.

In my opinion these stem cell discoveries offer us great possibilities for extending our life span.

The current amount of interest in stem cells research is amazing.

At this point in time there are over 4000 investigations occurring across the world providing support for stem cells research.

Originally the bulk of stem cell support was devoted to embryonic stem cells, however, due to the great difficulties which occurred trying to use these embryonic cells, plus the fact that using these cells required the destruction of another possible human being created a huge lot of disagreement.

The original attempts to use adult stem cells failed due to the methods then being used.

Now however, great success is being achieved and this progress is now occurring using these adult stem cells.

By far the bulk of stem cell research is now centred on the use of adult stem cells.

It is early days yet, however there has already been great success using these adult cells.

One of the major problems has been the high level of medical skills required to achieve these results which has made this extremely expensive.

However, there has now been another success which has recently occurred and which greatley increases this stem cell support and which importantly is inexpensive.

This great success has been achieved by a Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau.

Christian Drapeau, MSc.

He has succeeded in isolating a product which comes from  a North American lake and which has now been proven to increase the stem cells in our blood stream by as much as 25%.

(Recent research has further increased this to 43%)

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Great health care progress is now occurring using this discovery and here is one of many success reports from our records.

This is as it was written by this very happy lady.


Up and until 14 April 2010, I was suffering badly with severe arthritis in my right knee (bone on bone diagnosis) I had to use a crutch & hobbled badly with a slouch because of the pain I was enduring with my right knee/hip.

My brief History:-

My doctor had booked me in to the Sunninghill clinic on the 3rd May 2010 for total knee replacement.

I have for the past 15 years been suffering from arthritis in all my joints/hands/hip/knees which had been passed down onto me through my mother & grandmother.

I was living daily on Cortisone, S7 pain tablets & anti-inflamatories.

It has been recommended by 3 Top Orthopedic Surgeons that I undergo Total Knee Replacement Surgery!!!!

My sister bought me a birthday gift of Stem products on 15 April that totally turned my life around in a matter of 3 weeks only!!!

I now can walk without crutches and have regained complete use of both my legs again by using this product. Plus I've saved a fortune on not having to take so many tablets to alleviate the pain.
My medical aid is not suffering either anymore and in my opinion It’s a "Win Win" scenario!!!

This product has Literally Given Me My Life Back :-)

As a single parent of 3 Daughters this change in my health has enabled me to enjoy all the small things in life with my girls again.

This of course is "PRICELESS"!!!!

Blessings Always,


This is just one of many, many reports received.

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I am 92 years “young” and have benefitted enormously deal using this scientist’s discovery.

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Good luck with your search for stem cell support.

These stem cell products have enormous potential.

To your good health.

Eddie Mace.