Stem cell statistics.

The author, Eddie Mace, Recent photo, aged 91.

As time moves on stem cell statistics are now beginning to develop a lot more interest.

These show that the increasing age that many are now successfully achieving is starting to attract a lot more attention on how to retain our health so that we can enjoy ourselves as we get older.

There is not much pleasure living to a greater age if we are bedridden or can’t enjoy ourselves.

There is a lot of information now available to improve our health and without using drugs.

This anti aging information should help to show you how to maintain your health in our later years.

You are unfortunately going to get older, the question is how to maintain your health as you do so?

I am approaching by 92nd birthday, am in very good health for my age and have now learned a few important things as I grew older.

Try and keep well without depending on drugs as they don’t actually cure anything, however when they are effective they only succeed in hiding the symptoms and in most cases unfortunately create undesirable side effects.

I attribute a lot of my successful current health to the work of a Canadian scientist who after many years of research discovered a method of increasing the stem cells circulating in our blood stream.

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Why are stem cells important?

Stem cells are known to be the bodies own built in form of repair against any of our bodily threats or difficulties.

Because of the great success I have achieved using this stem cell product I have written a lot of material on the subject of stem cells. I believe these cells are the way of our future health care.

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