Stem cell spinal cord injury.

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Repairing of stem cell spinal cord injury is now starting to produce some progress.

The basic difficulty with spinal cord injury occurs because there is no or very limited communication between the brain and the lower sections of the body.

What has to occur to overcome this injury is to restore communication from the brain to the affected parts of the body.

It is basically a communication problem.

For instance, when we decide to move one of our feet, we have to first communicate this intention which is created in the brain to the relevant muscles in order to achieve this.

We can originate the idea in the brain, however if the signal from the brain is interrupted and does not arrive at the appropriate muscles, ----we could then probably have a spinal cord injury preventing this from happening.

What basically has to happen in simple; to overcome this problem the body has to create new myelin in the damaged area.

To achieve this sounds simple, but a tremendous amount of work is now being done using stem cells to try and achieve this.

Tests on rats have been carried out by injecting stem cells into the damaged area with amazing results.

Rats with spinal cord injuries which were restricted in their movements were tested.

Four weeks later, the rats could walk, run and stand on their hind legs again.

This was a great result; stem cell spinal cord injury now holds promise of a coming solution for spinal cord injuries.

Slowly but surely stem cell investigations are starting to have an impact on our health care methods.

Great progress is also now occurring with a whole range of other physical problems.

Another great discovery has resulted from the investigations by a scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc.

He has discovered a product derived from a natural botanic substance which has been proven to increase the quantity of stem cells circulating in our blood stream by as much as 25%.

This discovery which has now been patented, is creating great results for a wide range complaints and is already having a big impact on many health care concerns.

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Stem cell therapies are now having great results and I am sure this is going to have a huge influence on our future approach to health care.

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