Stem cell research video.

The author. Eddie Mace, Recent photo aged 91.

Stem cell research video provides some interesting information on an important research discovery.

Watching the video will explain the scientific discovery much better than my attempt to describe this important discovery in words.

This video is not full of technical terms and has been made to inform us and not to confuse us with what can easily become a difficult technical subject.

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OK. So having watched the video do you have any Questions?

If you log onto the following site you will find a lot of information which is still continuing to develop as more research information is discovered on this very important subject.

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Stem cells technology offers us  great hope for our future health care as more people are beginning to realise that drugs don’t cure and they always have unwanted side effects.

Drugs have their uses and we should be thankful for them when all our other attempts fail to resolve our difficulties.

Many attempts are now being made with stem cells to resolve our health problems and I believe they have a great future for our ongoing health care.

This is only a short page of information as the video is self explanatory and contains a lot of important information.

To your future health.


Eddie Mace.