Stem cell research successes.

The author. Eddie Mace, Recent photo aged 91.

Here are a few Stem cell research successes now that attention is being directed to adult stem cells.

In the past huge sums of money was spent on embryonic stem cell research which has in the process discovered a lot of information on this important subject.

Unfortunately however, none of this research has resulted in any real health benefits that we can use.

This has been a big disappointment as hopes were running high that at long last we would be able to find a solution from our dependence on medical drugs with all their unwanted side effects.

There is however great progress now occurring using adult stem cells and this is now providing quite a few stem cell research successes.

Although the negative aspect of this medically procedure is in fact its expense, it is still very encouraging in spite of the costs involved.

However, there has also been a major discovery by a Canadian research scientist Christian Drapeau MSc.

After several years of investigation he has discovered a natural product from a lake in North America which is capable of producing a great positive effect on the adult stem cells circulating in our blood stream.

This discovery about stem cell research discoveries has been so successful it has been patented and is now available in several countries.

I started using the product with considerable success here in Australia and therefor started promoting it via the internet.

I am now receiving a lot of success stories some of which you can see here.

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A great deal of success is now beginning to happen with these adult stem cells and I am very impressed with the prospects these adult stem cells are now offering us.

I am 91 years of age and have just recently been through a series of medical tests with practically no adverse results to my doctors surprise.

This stem cell product is amazingly effective.

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To your future good health.

Eddie Mace.