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You have stem cell research questions? 

On this site you will find some valuable information for better health and  increased longevity.

My hope is to not only extend your lifespan but very importantly to extend your HEALTH SPAN by providing answers to stem cell research.

There is not much joy or pleasure in living longer if we are experiencing continuous bad health.

I have accumulated a lot of valuable information over the years as I am now 92 old.

I am fit and well without even blood pressure medication and am practically free of any need of medical drugs.

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Because I am still in very good health and very active, people don't believe my age and a few new people I have met think I am about 70.

This is not intended as a boastful claim and the only reason I have mentioned it is to verify the validity of my claim of this very effective anti aging supplement.

In these pages on my site "Stem cell miracles", I have endeavored to provide some answers for better health, secrets to longevity and answers to some stem cell questions.

Stem cell research today is now making great progress,

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I  still receive occasional personal queries and the answers to which may be of interest to other people.

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Please recognise I am not a certified health practitioner but am a retired Electronic Engineer who has spent the last 25 years successfully studying health care which has helped me achieve my excellent current health.

The information I have gathered has definitely helped me improve my well being, has played a major part in my current health and happily I believe increased my life span .

I am now sharing these discoveries about this anti aging supplement which I hope others can also benefit.

There is a tremendous amount of information on things like an anti aging supplement on this web site, however if you have any questions

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I can then provide you with answers to your stem cell research questions .

The hope is to not only extend your life span but also to EXTEND YOUR HEALTH SPAN.

This is an exciting new area of research which is now becoming available if you care to investigate.

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This information has certainly provided me with a way to improve my health and I am sure it has increased my life span.

To your good health.

Eddie mace.