Stem cell research pros.

BY STUDYING STEM CELLS WE ARE DISCOVERING SOME AMAZING STEM CELL RESEARCH PROS and how these cells play a major part in our bodily functions and our state of health.

Today we know that these cells are utilised by the body as its repair mechanism to correct or overcome all sorts of illnesses or even injuries.

One of the great stem cell research pros has revealed how our body repairs itself when we damage ourselves with things such as a cut or maybe a burn.

Sure, we can take steps to apply an ointment or bandage the area and this will also help, but the repair itself is ACTUALLY CARRIED BY THE BODY.

You could bandage and repair a dead body but nothing is going to happen. The bodies life force is needed to carry out the repair.

How does the body achieve this?


Yes, that is right! stem cells are the bodies built in repair mechanism.

The trouble arises as we get older because the stem cells that are needed for our repair unfortunately begin to decline and we do not repair or recover as easily as we used to.

There have been vast amounts of money spent on growing these cells with a view to re injecting them into the body to carry out repairs.

While this has had some success the cost is extremely expensive and for that reason I don’t belief this is a viable long term answer.

However there is another solution to help the body to repair itself and this is having great success as a repair mechanism and is available at a very limited cost.

There has been a major breakthrough by increasing the body’s ability to produce its own stem cells. This was achieved by a research scientist after many years of work with a little known aqua-botanical called AFA.(for short)

This scientist Christian Drapeau, MSc has patented his discovery which is now becoming available in several different countries and is proving to be an amazing repair mechanism for all sorts of medical problems.

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