Stem cell research policy.

The author, Eddie Mace, Recent photo aged 91.

Stem cell research policy is unfortunately being dominated by the power of the drug industry.

I believe the success of stem cell research will be the biggest threat the drug industry has ever faced.

We have too much to lose if stem cell policy is allowed to be contoled by the drug industry.

However, we do definitely need to control this policy as there are already people who are busily preying on those unfortunate people who are trying to overcome some form of difficult illness.

Since this research is now largely directed to ADULT STEM CELLS considerable progress is now being achieved.

In the past, huge sums of money was directed to EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS research, without achieving any success.

Now as the attention is changing to adult stem cells it’s a different story with daily reports of progress being made by using these cells.

One of the biggest difficulties being experienced when there has been success is the high cost of the procedures involved.

Since stem cells were recognised only about 14 years ago there has been a tremendous interest in discovering and understanding their function.

I am sure progress will be made to reduce the costs of utilising these discoveries.

One of the biggest successes to date has come from the work of a Canadian scientist who after several years of dedicated work has found a very interesting natural product.

This has now been patented and proven to increase the stem cells in our blood stream by up to 25% and is already is achieving considerable success.

This product is now available in 23 countries and at a very minimal cost.

See success stories.

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Using Stem cells is going to be the way for our future health care and promises to revolutionise our current health care system.

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Eddie Mace.