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What is the Stem cell research picture?

Well this has unfortunately been a confused situation for various reasons.

Let us first try and differentiate the differance between embryonic and adult stem cells.

Embryonic cells.

It has been agreed that these embryonic cells only exist in the body prior to birth, now more accurately we know these cells only remain in their “embryonic state for about 4 or 5 days after conception. Thereafter, they actually become adult stem cells.

All the major investigations were originally directed to embryonic stem cells as any attempts to use adult stem cells created difficulties and therefor this research was unfortunately originally largely abandoned.

One of the major difficulties arising from using embryonic cells is that it requires obtaining these cells from fetuses which are only a few days old and this unfortunately means destroying  of these cells.

A great deal of investigation is continuing with embryonic stem cell research, however without any form of health care benefit.

Research in this area is being negatively affected because these cells are likely to take off and become uncontrollably cancerous with disastrous results.

This has been a major problem which has had a great impact and slowed research with these embryonic stem cells.

Adult cells.

Research using adult stem cells was once considered to be too difficult and too hard to deal with, therefor any research on these cells was largely abandoned.

However, things have now changed due to a different method of research and great success with these adult stem cells is now occurring.

Dr Joshua Hare, Director of Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami Medical School says.

” Adult stem cells have more flexibility than we thought”.

He went on to say,

”When you are treating a heart attack, you might do better with an adult cell”.

There are reports of over 70 different conditions being helped by using these adult stem cells and there are over 2000 medical research clinical trials now using these cells.

Embryonic stem cells however? no useable benefits!!!

Benefits with these adult cells is continuing to have substantial success.

The biggest problem being encountered is the high cost of the procedures currently being used.

I am sorry to say I believe this will prove a major handicap if they are trying to use these procedures for widespread use.

Big breakthrough.

However, there has been a major breakthrough which increases the number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream and herein is a key to the body’s ability to repair itself.

One of my biggest realisations has been.

Our bodies are dedicated to repairing themselves! All we can do is assist it in its task.

These stem tech research discoveries will now assist it in its task to heal itself.

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