Stem cell research information.

Stem cell research information is now in plentiful supply on the internet.

The trouble is, it is mostly of a highly technical nature. If this is what you are looking for then this is not the site for you.

On this site you will find the fundamental basis of what stem cell investigation is targeted at.

Since stem cells were first discovered the main emphasis has centred on EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS , in fact there has been 100’s of millions of dollars spent on this area of research. To date this has not resulted in any successful procedures in spite the amount of money spent.

However, in more recent times a great deal of success has now been achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS.

See Adult cells.
Most of the original work done with adult cells was a failure and it is only now that a new approach has been made that we are starting to see some real success.

The area that interests me most is the discovery by a scientific investigator Christian Drapeau, MSc. who has found and patented a natural aquatic product which can increase the number of your own stem cells by up to 30%.

This allows your body to utilise its own built in repair mechanism with some amazing results.

This product is relatively cheap and is achieving some great health benefits and recoveries.

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