Stem cell pros.

The author, Eddie Mace. Recent photo aged 91.

The why of stem cell pros.

Stem cells offer us the best opportunity we have had to avoid having to use medical drugs in order to overcome our health problems.

Like myself, most people didn’t know that drugs are all poisonous and the only way we can safely use them is by carefully limiting the amount of the drugs dose we use.

Only in more recent times have I come to realise that we should limit their use as much as possible.

In the past I have had a fair share of side effects from using different drugs and once I was hospitalised from the side effects I was having from a drug to (help?) me with a stomach ulcer.

Unfortunately having to depend on drugs is bad news as they can all produce side effects, some more serious than others.

I recently read an article that even aspirin can produce unwanted side effects after long term use.

I am very pro stem cells as this offers us a great chance to avoid having to depend on drugs to overcome our various health problems.

Originally when all the research was connected with Embryonic stem cells I had misgivings, but now the bulk of any effective research is connected with adult stem cells.

In the past all attempts to use embryonic stem cells has resulted in failure in spite of the huge amount of money being spent on research.

Turning to research on adult stem cells , considerable progress is now being made.

That is very promising, particularly the work of a Canadian scientist who after many years of research has discovered a product that is capable of increasing the number of stem cells in our blood stream.

This is a great break through because these stem cells determine our ability to recover from any illness or threat to our health.

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