Stem cell pros and cons.

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There are many stem cell pros and cons causing a lot of disagreements.

The bulk of these disagreements are often based on religious disapproval.

Working with these embryonic stem cells required destroying embryos as these are considered by many people to be a human life form as soon as conception occurs.

It seems that it has been agreed that all these stem cells prior to birth are embryonic stem cells and that after birth they become adult stem cells.

There have been many pros and cons due to these difficulties which have arisen trying to use these embryonic stem cells.

However, a lot more attention is now being directed to using adult stem cells.

Up to date, in spite of the huge amount of money spent there has been no successful application of embryonic stem cells to achieve any health benefit.

On the other hand considerable success is now being achieved using adult stem cells.

We now see important discoveries being reported in the media on a regular basis and all of these beneficial discoveries are using adult stem cells.

Where the successful use of these adult stem cells has occurred it has been an expensive exercise. I believe our current know how will have to provide some better pros and cons answers to make these findings viable financially.

However, there has been one huge important discovery.

This has been achieved by a Canadian scientist who has after several years of research discovered a natural aquatic plant from which an important product is obtained. This is capable of increasing the stem cells circulating in our blood stream by up to 25%..

He has now patented this product and it is in use in 23 countries and many people are having great success in resolving all sorts of physical difficulties.

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There have been many successful pro and cons reports about stem cell research largely due to using these ADULT STEM CELLS.

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