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Stem cell research is now progressing forward at a rapid rate and the interesting thing is adult stem cells are now dominating the research.

Even the Vatican is now supporting adult stem cell research.

They are encouraging that treatments be discovered as quickly as possible for patients suffering from unfortunate conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

These are conditions, which with many others, are problems of which there are no current solutions available.

Vatican meeting.

There is now a Stem Cell initiative supported by the Vatican and led by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, so that stem cell research is now all go go go!.

After millions and millions of dollars were spent on embryonic stem cell research, the attention is now starting to be concentrated on adult stem cells where a considerable degree of success is now occurring.

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Any successful attempts to resolve the proliferation of things like sugar diabetes and Alzheimer’s need to be available at moderate cost and should not make the drug companies richer.

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