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The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

This stem cell journal brings information on an important health issue.


Stem cells research started out with a lot of fanfare and great expectations until it was realised that EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS research required the destruction of days old embryos.

Thereafter it became embroiled in a lot of disagreements.

In spite of this, 100’s of millions of dollars was spent on stem cell research.


Early on, ADULT STEM CELLS was largely abandoned due to the difficulties involved with their research.

However, there was some ADULT STEM CELLS research continued and now today this research is dominating the research on stem cells.

Adult stem cells are now leading the way forward in this important health area, we are now seeing some important discoveries being found.

Today it is reported that over 4000 projects are progressing largely due to the great prospects these adult cells now promise to overcome.

It is reported that 83 illnesses are responding to these adult stem cells treatments.

To date the costs involved in using these treatments have minimised their application as they have required expensive medical treatments.

However, there has been a great success achieved by a Canadian scientist who has found a method of increasing the stem cells in the blood stream by an important amount.

Christian Drapeau, MSc

The discovery of his work is now becoming recognised and the product which he has discovered has now been patented and is being distributed in a large number of countries.

To understand the importance of this we need to understand that the body uses these stem cells as a means to overcome illness and as a means to maintain its health.

This stem cell discovery is further explained in the following page and it has the capability to have a big impact on our future health.

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Great progress.

Great progress is now happening with stem cell research and this can provide you with some valuable information for your future health.

This stem cell journal, associated with its associated additional pages will help you understand this great product and will help you to understand the importance of this major discovery.

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I hope you have found this stem cell journal interesting.

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