Stem cell growth.

The author, Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

Stem cell growth is an interesting subject which is now generating a rapidly increasing interest .

There is now barely a day that goes by without the subject of stem cells appearing either in the press or some television or radio programs.

Unfortunately there is still a great deal of misunderstandings on this subject.

There was a lot of hype about stem cells 10 years ago, the vast majority of which was centered on EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS.

This interest in stem cells slowly died due to the problems connected with this research and also due to a lot public disagreement over the use of these embryonic stem cells.

A lot of this disagreement came from religious sources particularly from the Vatican.

As a matter of interest, the Vatican today is a strong supporter of ADULT STEM CELL research.

Vatican meeting. See stem cell treatment.

There you can see an interesting video regarding the current interest by the Vatican in stem cells.

Due to the past failures to achieve results with embryonic cells, new methods were adopted to use adult stem cells which then started to achieve results.

Today, various methods of using these adult cells are being successfully used to deal with a number of different complaints; the only downside of this is the high costs involved.

However, progress is continuing with many research efforts having various degrees of success.

By far the most important discovery in my opinion was made by a Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau, BSc. seen here.

He, after several years of work isolated a scientific breakthrough which is capable of increasing the stem cells in the blood stream by as much as 25%.

This scientific breakthrough using a botanical substance has been patented and is now available at a very moderate cost in a number of countries.

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