Stem cell funding.

The author, Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91

Stem cell funding is now being assisted by the Vatican.

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This has helped prove a major change has now occurred in stem cell research.

The big change occurred when stem cell research started to be moved from Embryonic stem cells to adult stem cells.

This research in the past was concentrated on embryonic stem cells which unfortunately got badly bogged down because these cells could not be safely controlled and were likely to become cancerous.

Earlier attempts to research using adult stem cells failed because of the approach then being used.

Today it’s a different story; research using adult stem cells is now even supported by the Vatican and this research is now starting to have a lot of success and generating a lot of interest.

One of the biggest discoveries occurred when a Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau MSc, made a big breakthrough.

He succeeded in isolating from a botanical plant a compound which has now been proven to increase the stem cells circulating in the blood stream by up to 25%.

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This anti aging supplement is now proving to have tremendous potential as many people are now having success with a whole variety of physical complaints as you can see here on this page.

Success stories.

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Great things are now starting to happen by increasing the stem cells available in our bodies blood stream.

This discovery will help us escape from our dependence on drugs.

Most people do not realise that drugs do not generally cure anything; they can however hide our symptoms and make us feel more comfortable, however their side effects can leave a lot to be desired.

I am 91 years old and am now very happy to no longer need drugs because these drugs always cause some form of side effects.

I didn't always know this and depended on drugs to assist me with various physical difficulties. I sometimes wondered why I had side effects.

ALL DRUGS ARE POISONOUS! Otherwise they cannot be called drugs.

Even simple drugs like “aspirin” is now found to produce unwanted side effects after longer use.

Roll on with the progress now being discovered by using stem cell funding which will help our future health.

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To your good and improving health.

Eddie Mace.