Stem cell definition.

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This stem cell definition is a Biology term; here is a useful explanation.

“The smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning”.

That won’t actually convey much to you so here is some additional information.

There is a fairly long history of discoveries referring to what we now know as stem cells.

However, this subject only became important  when in 1998 James Thompson and his assistants derived the first human embryonic stem cell line at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Since then research into stem cells has taken off and over a billion dollars has now been spent on stem cell research. 

It is now recognised that stem cells have huge potential for our better health.

Earlier, as work progressed with these cells the only cells which were then recognised were embryonic stem cells.

Now however, there are various categories of cells of which adult stem cells are the only type creating any beneficial results for our health care system.

Now these adult stem cells have also been differentiated into different groups of cells like Multipotent and Pluripotent.

As we develop more knowledge, these adult stem cells are being divided into more groups as more understanding is being developed.

The main attention was originally directed to embryonic stem cells; however, in spite of the amount of money being spent on researching them,  this has failed to produce any usable technology to improve our health.

The attention has now largely shifted to using adult stem cells and already we are now seeing some interesting results.

Christian Drapeau.

One area I find very interesting is the work of a Canadian Scientist (above) who has discovered a method of increasing the stem cells circulating in our blood stream and this is producing great results at only a moderate cost.

This discovery is proving to be highly effective and the big thing is there are only limited costs involved.

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Stem cell technology is going to have a great impact on our future health and although this is a simple explanation regarding the subject of stem cell definition I hope it has been useful.

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