Stem cell cures.

The author, Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

Stem cell cures are in fact already happening.

We need to know that the body itself is capable of solving it's illnesses or disabilities with it's own stem cells.

By increasing the availability of these stem cells in the blood stream, we can help the body itself to overcome various disabilities that we may have.

All we need to do is increase the quantity of these stem cells in our blood stream to achieve this.

Provided the body can create and provide these cells it appears to have the ability to overcome many threats to its health.

Science has discovered and we need to understand this, that stem cells are the body’s own built in repair system.

These amazing stem cells can protect us from the day to day threats to our health.

Without these stem cells our lifespan would be very precarious.

Cut your finger and in a very short time your body will set about repairing itself.

We can help it with bandages etc, however the body itself must go about the task of repair.

How does it do this?

Your body increases the number of stem cells around the damaged area and then your body can set about repairing itself.

We can help with medication, but ultimately our health (and also our age) will determine the rate of repair.


This was so much easier when you were younger, but as we get older our bodies ability to provide these important cells deteriorates.

By the time we reach about fifty years or so our body is having great difficulty trying to maintain its health.

Add to this the deteriorating quality of our current foods which are loaded with anything to make them cheaper to produce.

Even our farm animals are being fed fat producing products.

We should now see the reason for the proliferation of drugs that are now being used to try and maintain our health.

For instance Diabetes is now out of control with about 1 in 4 people having to use medication on a regular basis in an attempt to maintain health, whereas 100 years ago Diabetes was a rare complaint.

Attempts are being tried using stem cells to deal with a number of difficult health issues, with some degree of success.

However one of the big problems is due to the heavy expenses involved and I don’t think this is a viable long-term solution.

Christian Drapeau.

There has now been a very interesting development by a Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau MSc, which has been scientifically proven to increase the stem cells circulating in our blood stream by as much as 25%.

He has now patented a product using his discovery which luckily is very affordable.

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To your success with stem cell cures and your future good health.

Eddie Mace.