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To answer the question, stem cell come from; we need to understand what happens at conception.

The female egg, an ovum, once penetrated by a male sperm is now called a zygote and once this happens we say fertilisation has occurred and stem cells are now beginning to be produced.

Within a few days as new cells are created we have what is now called a blastocyst and its composed of stem cells.

These stem cells are at this stage called embryonic stem cells and can take on any special characteristic and become a heart cell, a liver cell, a kidney cell and so on.

These embryonic cells rapidly take on special characteristics and assume the qualities of some particular body function and at this stage we should call them adult stem cells.

However by general agreement they are still called embryonic cells until birth occurs.

After we are born these adult stem cells are found in all tissue in varying amounts and particularly found in the bone marrow.

It has only recently been discovered that these adult stem cells residing in the bone marrow can become any form of specialised cell.

It has also been discovered that these adult stem cells are far more versatile than originally thought.

This has led to some clinical trials which could have some further amazing results.

There are some very interesting experiments now being investigated across the world as the prospects for health improvements are being slowly uncovered by these clinical trials.

Already there is some degree of success being achieved using a person’s own stem cells which however is causing some politically motivated disagreements.

I think the all-powerful drug industry is starting to see a threat in the progress now being achieved with stem cell technology.

One of the best prospects yet uncovered was achieved by a Canadian scientist who after several years of investigation has isolated a product from an aquatic plant which has been proven to release our own stem cells into the blood stream.

This product has now been patented world-wide and is achieving some very encouraging and successful results across a wide range physical disabilities.

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As you can tell from these reports many people are having great results with this new technology.

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Stem cell technology is now becoming a rapidly developing technology since the attention has now shifted to adult stem cells.

Previously embryonic stem cell research had slowly ground down and was opposed very strongly from many sources, particularly from the Catholic Church.

However that has now completely changed since the research has shifted to adult stem cells.

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