Stem cell basics.

How to reduce aging.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

Scientists believe stem cell basics research will greatly improve our health.

This belief is supported by the huge amount of inquiries now being investigated throughout the world into stem cells research.

A recent investigation indicated that over 4000 stem cell research investigations worldwide are now happening and with many positive results being reported.

It is interesting that in the past the bulk of this stem cell  research was directed to Embryonic stem cells.

A huge amount of money was spent on this area of stem cell research without any real health benefits being achieved.

I am sure there has been a lot of valuable information gathered, however no usable system to improve our health was discovered because these embryonic stem cells could go into a dangerous cancerous condition.

Another major obstacle arose because using these cells required the destruction of a possible new human life.

They also had to be collected within a few days of a pregnancy occurring.

More recently attention has now been directed to adult stem cells.

This article is only about stem cell basics; however we can now see that Adult stem cells are dominating stem cell research and this research is already producing some great results.

The biggest difficulty here has been the costs involved as these require costly medical procedures; what medical procedure is cheap anymore?

Stem cell research continues and the investigations by a Canadian research scientist seen here, is now having great success.

This scientist has discovered a natural product which is scientifically proven to improve the stem cells in our blood stream by a significant amount.

This can have a profound effect on our lifespan.

Information regarding this scientist’s discovery can be found here.

See Anti ageing supplement.

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Arguments against stem cell research.

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