Senior fitness.

Senior fitness can depend on many things, however there are several things of major importance like exercise and this comes under the general heading of healthy living.

As we get older in order to achieve healthy living we need to quit smoking and avoid bad habits like EXCESS alcohol and heavy coffee consumption, particularly if your coffee is laden with sugar.

I hear you say,--- if I have to give up all this what is the fun in living any way.

No, I didn’t say you have to give up on those pleasures!. The key word here is “EXCESS”. The main reason for excess in many of these situations comes from some form of underlying stress.

I am sure if you are concerned with your fitness, whether you are senior or not, you are probably using vitamins and minerals etc. However there is one area which has been a major factor on your fitness and that is stress.

There are many sources of stress and one of the biggest sources of this, particularly for seniors, is deteriorating health.

Thus we have a situation like a dog chasing its tail, because, as our health deteriorates we generate even more stress. We then become more dependent on smoking, alcohol or drugs or Over the counter drugs as an escape mechanism from our problem.

If your stress is in anyway related to a health condition then I believe there is some good news for you. With the recognition of the role stem cells play in our health we can now achieve success in many areas of health even with things which had been difficult to deal with previously.

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