Secrets to longevity.

Secrets to longevity is now proving to be a popular subject particularly by people of mature age like myself.

I am 90 next year and am now once again in good health and free of all medical drugs except for a very small thyroid support.

I believe I am well qualified because of my age to offer advice on this subject even though my profession was as an Electronics Engineer.

I no longer need any medical drugs and don’t even need blood pressure medication, much to the surprise of my doctor.

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No, you don’t have to become involved in the disputes over embryonic stem cells or travel overseas for some highly risky procedure.

YOU CAN FIND ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW on the above site which contains far too much information to put on this page.

I hope you find your answers to longevity and experience a happy 100th birthday in a few years time.

Eddie Mace