Science information.

Here is some science information that may interest you.

When we are born we have about 130 trillion cells in our body.

In time these cells are subject to deterioration and most of them have only a limited life span.

Our body repairs organs etc by deploying adult stem cells that are the correct cell for that organ or that part of the body.

Adult stem cells are generic and the body uses them to effectively replace the cells that need replacing.

These cells are a perfect replacement and play a major part in keeping our bodies in optimal working order.

As we get older our body cannot keep up the supply of these stem cells and our health deteriorates.

Stem enhance is a product which has been scientifically proven to increase the availability of replacement stem cells by up to 25 to 30%.

This equals between 3 to 5 million stem cells and the body uses these to replenish and maintain our body in good working order.

These stem cells are the body’s own maintenance and repair system.

Stem cell injections which are now attracting a lot of interest have about 3 to 5 million stem cells in them and costs about $10.000 to $20.000.

The cost of 2. stem enhance capsules is around $3.00.

In addition phycocyanin which is in this stem enhance product and gives it the blueish tint, has been shown to have anti inflammatory and strong anti oxidant properties as well.

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