Reduce the effects of aging.

Your chance to look and feel younger.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

How to reduce the effects of aging.

There are a number of factors involved in our aging and  the speed at which we age.

Diet can have a large effect on this, however who wants to hear about dieting!!!

Dieting is a no doubt a good idea, however I have a better suggestion on how to reduce the effects of aging

We now know that stem cells play a huge part in maintaining our health and suggest you familiarise yourself with the great progress now being made with adult stem cell technology.

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During the last ten years a vast sum of money has been spent on researching embryonic stem cells without achieving any personal health care benefit whatsoever.

The trouble here has been due to these embryonic stem cells inclination to become cancerous.

More recently however a great deal of attention is being paid to adult stem cells where great progress is now occurring with this stem cell technology.

There are now great hopes for our future health care using these adult stem cells, however this has involved considerable costs.

There has however now been great news from a discovery made by Christian Drapeau MSc,  a Canadian scientific researcher.

Christian Drapeau M.Sc.

He has made a very important finding, having discovered a botanical product which is capable of increasing the stem cells in our blood stream by up to 25%.

This botanical product is amazingly inexpensive and has now been patented and is producing great results.

Here is a report from a lady who is having considerable success using this stem cell discovery.

This is not an isolated case, I now have considerable numbers of similar reports.

The original of this report is held with many others in our records and is available for veriication.

This is an exact copy of her success report.


Up and until 14 April 2010, I was suffering badly with severe arthritis in my right knee (bone on bone diagnosis) I had to use a crutch & hobbled badly with a slouch because of the pain I was enduring with my right knee/hip.

My brief History:-

My doctor had booked me in to the Sunninghill clinic on the 3rd May 2010 for total knee replacement.
I have for the past 15 years been suffering from arthritis in all my joints/hands/hip/knees which had been passed down onto me through my mother & grandmother.

I was living daily on Cortisone, S7 pain tablets & anti-inflamatories.
It has been recommended by 3 Top Orthopaedic Surgeons that I undergo Total Knee Replacement Surgery!!!!

My sister bought me a birthday gift of Stem products on 15 April that totally turned my life around in a matter of 3 weeks only!!!

I now can walk without crutches and have regained complete use of both my legs again by using this product. Plus I've saved a fortune on not having to take so many tablets to alleviate the pain.
My medical aid is not suffering either anymore and In my opinion It’s a "Win Win" scenario.!!!

This product has Literally Given Me My Life Back :-)

As a single parent of 3 Daughters this change in my health has enabled me to enjoy all the small things in life with my girls again.

This of course is "PRICELESS"!!!!

Blessings Always,


There are many many similar reports.

Reduce the effects of aging is dependent on your ability to overcome your health difficulties and this is one of many great success stories.

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i am very close to 92 years of age and am doing well using this great product.

To your good health, Eddie Mace.