Reduce effects of aging.

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The author. Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 91.

Want to reduce effects of aging?

Stem cell technology offers us great hope!

There is a huge disagreement to using embryonic stem cells because they are derived from the destruction of embryos.

Initially all the major work was concentrated on using embryonic stem cells.

To date this research has only resulted in failures.

Luckily, there are now major results being achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS.

Please note. This does not depend on the destruction of human embryos.

For a long time the Vatican was strongly opposed to any stem cell research because this research was heavily connected with embryonic stem cells.

This opposition has now changed and the Vatican is now strongly supporting the use of adult stem cells.

See stem cell treatment.

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Unfortunately any mention of stem cells is still badly misunderstood and for many people it is still associated with the destruction of embryos.

I can understand this protest, however our new understanding of adult cells is going to change this.

Considerable progress is now occurring using these adult stem cells, whereas up to date, trying to use embryonic cells has completely failed.

A lot of success is now occurring with adult stem cells. We now know these cells form a major part of the body’s own maintenance system.

This is the road to our future health care and it will have a pronounced effect on how we handle sickness in the future.

We should be thankful for the progress which has been made using drug therapy, however we need to realise that unfortunately drugs unfortunately do not cure. We need to find a system that will cure our difficulties.

There have been various degrees of success using adult stem cells and a lot more work will be needed before these cells will be able to significantly penetrate our health care system which is currently heavily dominated by the drug companies.

There have already been some successes, however this has been very expensive and generally outside the means of average person.

However great things are happening, read on!

Christian Drapeau, MSc

A promising result comes from this Canadian scientist who is having great success after many years of research.

He has succeeded in finding a way to improve our health and reduce effects of aging with a natural product.

This product is now patented, highly successful and not too expensive.

Here is some basic information about this important discovery,

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