Pros of stem cell research.

The author. Eddie Mace. recent photo abed 91.

The pros of stem cell research are now becoming more obvious as a result of the success stories now being achieved with adult stem cells.

In the past practically all stem cell research was directed to embryonic stem cells where a huge amount of money has been spent without a single affective use so far being found to improve our health.

However, due to the emphasis now being placed on adult stem cells, great progress is now being achieved using these adult stem cells.

An amazing article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reporting research from the John Hopkins Medical School proving for the first time that these adult cells can become neurons in the recipients brain and improve its function.

Another area of success is coming from a Canadian research investigation by Christian Drapeau MSc, who has discovered a natural product that can increase the stem cells in our blood stream quite strongly.

He has now patented a product which is certified to increase the stem cells in our blood stream by up to 25% and which is producing some amazing health benefits.

Here is one report from the user of this product of which I now have many people achieving great success .


Success story report after 1 month on the stem cell product.
Within a few days David’s psoriasis was all but gone! This in itself was a great success story.
For many years we had spent a fortune on lotions and potions, all to no avail.
We have both had an astonishing lift in our energy levels.
Due to his damaged spinal cord, Graham has cynaesthesia, which causes him to spend a major part of his day lying on his bed in enormous pain.
He has to remain at a constant temperature, any change and his pain spikes up and becomes difficult to bear.
Well he is now leaving his room, sitting out in the courtyard and also going for walks, but the amazing thing is that for the first time in decades had pain free periods.
He had actually forgotten what that felt like to be pain free.

This is one of many success stories and if you wish to follow up on this and read some more success stories go to this page.

Success stories.

Due to its success we now have hundreds of people using this product and the great thing about it is that it is not that expensive; is well within the financial reach of most people and it is now available in a number of countries.

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Even the Vatican which strongly opposed embryonic stem cell research is now strongly supporting adult stem cell research.

See stem cell treatment and watch the video.

The pros of stem cell research are now becoming recognised and I have high hopes they will start to reduce our dependency on drugs which all  unfortunately have side effects.

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To your success with this great breakthrough discovery.

Eddie Mace.