Pluripotent stem cells.

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This pluripotent stem cells term now comes up Quite frequently if you are interested in stem cells.

Basically it implies a stem cell that has the ability to differentiate into different cell types.

There are also stem cells commonly referred to as iPS cells which are a also a type of pluripotent stem cell.

These pluripotent cells are similar to natural pluripotent stem cells such as embryonic stem cells.

This page is really intended to help those people who are becoming interested in the possible uses of these stem cells in order to improve their health.

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However, great progress is now being made by using adult stem cells.

Previously, all the attention was centered around embryonic stem cells, however after multi millions of dollars was spent on research with these embryonic cells nothing has been achieved in terms of providing us with support for any deteriorating health conditions.

As a result, the attention has now been centred on adult stem cells where great progress is now occurring.

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Whereas there was tremendous disagreement on using embryonic stem cells from many quarters; now since the attention is being concentrated on adult stem cells there has been is a major change of viewpoint.

One of the major organisations that strongly opposed embryonic stem cell research was the Vatican; however that has now completely changed.

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Working with adult stem cells is now making great progress whereas previously research using embryonic cells had achieved nothing for the man in the street.

A report from an American Government Senator stated, “There have been as many as 72 different illnesses that have responded to these adult cells”.

Things are now looking up for the use of these adult cells as our past attempts to cure deteriorating health and dependance on using medical drugs left a lot to be desired.

These drugs, whenever we had to resort to their use, often produced undesirable side effects, not immediately noticeable but the long term effects sometimes still occurred .

One of the biggest breakthroughs using adult stem cells occurred as the result of several years of research by a Canadian scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc, who has discovered a natural substance which has proven to increase the stem cells circulating in our blood stream by as much as 25%.

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