Opposition of stem cell research.

You can reduce the effects of aging.

Eddie Mace, recent photograph aged 91 and fit and well.

Opposition of stem cell research is caused by a limited understanding to what stem cell research is all about.

I do understand the opposition to EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH, however, a tremendous amount of research is now being addressed to adult stem cells .

I doubt there would be any opposition to stem cell research if this was properly understood.

There is so much interest now developing on adult stem cells that the Vatican is now actively supporting and encouraging this research.

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There you will find a short video about a Vatican conference which supports adult stem research.

THERE IS NO THREAT TO HUMAN LIFE when research is restricted to these stem cells.

The great news is that tremendous success is now occurring using these adult stem cells, whereas research with embryonic stem cells is being held back with what has up to date been insurmountable problems with their use.

These embryonic stem cells seem to have a mind of their own and take off and become cancerous very easily.

This is in spite of the huge amount of money  being spent on research with embryonic cells.

Turning our attention to adult stem cells again; we find that a great deal of progress is now occurring and already some people are experiencing considerable success with a number of physical complaints.

The only problem here is that this currently involves considerable cost and requires expensive medical procedures.

However, there has now been an important discovery!

A Canadian scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc, has after a lot of research developed a product which has been scientifically proven to increase the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream.

This increase of stem cells can have a profound effect on the ability of our bodies to repair themselves and improve our health whenever problems or sickness arise.

This is not a drug, however it has been developed from a natural aquatic plant and this is having so much success it has now been successfully patented.

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I am sure you are interested in maintaining your health which unfortunately deteriorates particularly as we get older.

Anything that will help us maintain our health is now creating a lot of interest.

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Opposition of stem cell research would quickly dissipate if people really understood what is now happening using adult stem cells.

This subject of longevity and anti aging is now attracting a lot of attention as a lot of us older citizens are now using computers.

Come join me and you too can improve your health and increase your longevity.

Eddie Mace.