Multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis as has been previously stated, is due to a body communication problem.

We are not talking about any difficulty you may be having with your husband or neighbour, this problem is due to a breakdown in the way the organs or more importantly the cells, of which our body’s is composed, can effectively communicate with one another.

In order for your body to operate effectively your organs and more specifically your cells, must be able to communicate with each other in order to perform their respective tasks.

These cells depend on a chemical communication code which was recently discovered and for which 3 Nobel prizes were awarded.

Up to date there has been no agreement on the cause of this sclerosis problem. However, it is generally agreed that this problem is related to a BODY COMMUNICATION DIFFICULTY and anything which can be done to improve cellular communication should assist with this difficulty.

We now know that stem cells form a critical function in the repair and maintenance of our body and anything we can do to enhance this function will have a beneficial effect on our body.

There are many expensive ways to overcome stem cell difficulties, such as extracting them from the body, treating them in a laboratory to increase their volume then re injecting them back into the body.

All very expensive procedures and not without risks.

A far better answer to this stem cell difficulty has been discovered, patented and is now available at quite a reasonable cost.

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