Multiple sclerosis information.

Multiple sclerosis information, in simple language this condition is basically a body communication problem.

I am not talking about communication between people, we should all realise the ability of our body organs to work effectively as a team requires a workable communication system.

When our organs cannot effectively interchange information, we inevitably are going to get sick.

What happens with MS according to our best current medical advice is the myelin sheaths around our nerve cells get damaged causing the electrical signals they carry to be damaged or destroyed.

This can lead to a wide variety of problems, such as cognitive ability being adversely affected plus a range of other difficulties.

A lot is still unknown about this disease and it still has the medical profession scratching their heads.

A lot of people resort to alternative solutions which seem to be having some results and I am seeing quite a large degree of success with a new stem cell product.

For many people with MS, the damage occurs in a short attack, with a general recovery afterwards as the body''s own supply of stem cells migrates to the damaged area, eventually the body's ability to repair itself is overwhelmed, leading to permanent irreversible damage.

This product works because stem cells produced by our body are significantly increased and we now know these stem cells are the body’s own natural repair system. By increasing our bodies ability to produce these life giving cells, we restore the body's ability to repair itself.

Therefore it’s not surprising to see people with multiple sclerosis responding to the use of this product.

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