Longevity anti aging

Longevity anti aging is now attracting more and more attention as more and more people are now living to an older age.

This is a very interesting subject, however living to an older age is one thing but being fit and well and enjoying your longevity is another matter.

Living longer is fine, however this should also be concerned with the quality of your life.

If you can really enjoy a good quality of life then living longer makes a lot of sense.

For many of us as we get older our quality of life unfortunately deteriorates and leaves us for various reasons and we then become dependent on things like drugs.

Medical drugs have now become a very major industry.

In many cases their drugs don’t actually cure anything. However, it can often hide our complaints and therefor make us feel more comfortable.

Unfortunately in some cases these drugs can cause associated side effects which can be more uncomfortable than the original condition.

Huge sums of money has been spent on EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS research without any successful application.

However, this is not all bad news as things are now looking up as considerable success is now being achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS.

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Adult stem cells we now know are part the bodies built in repair mechanism and anything we can do to increase the supply of these adult stem cells is capable of having a beneficial effect on many undesirable health conditions.

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There is now a large quantity of information becoming available on research developments in this area, however one of the most promising is the work of a Canadian research scientist.

He has after many years of research isolated one of the most dramatic scientific breakthroughs of our times.

If you are interested in the work of this Canadian scientist and would like more information

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I will then do my best to answer your questions.

Good luck with your search for longevity anti aging as this is a subject I believe at age 91 I can speak about with some authority.

Eddie Mace.

The author,Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 91.