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The author. Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 92.

Attempts to lengthen your life have attracted a lot of attention.

We have seen a considerable amount of success in this area of human endeavor as the average lifespan has increased remarkably in the last 150 years.

This has been achieved by better nutrition, greater awareness of the importance of cleanliness and also medical research.

There are many things like the discovery of small pox vaccine and even the polio vaccine that have had a big influence on our health and longevity.

However our modern diet is now creating huge difficulties if you want to lengthen your life.

Overweight and sugar diabetes is starting to have a big adverse effect on any attempts to lengthen our life span.

In the attempt to further increase our lifespan these things are now starting to attract attention.

Our current lifespan is not going to increase while we have to depend on costly medical drugs.

All drugs have undesirable side effects, some serious some minor.

We are living a pipe dream if we think medical drugs will fix all our problems. All drugs have adverse side effect somewhere in our bodies.

If you want to lengthen your life, try and limit your medical drugs use.

Having to use medical drugs is bad news; however using these medical drugs is now extremely common, even kids at school are being given a drug like Ritalin on a regular basis.

When all else fails medical drugs have their uses but we resort to using them all too frequently.

I am sure we are going to pay a huge price because of our growing dependence on medical drugs as they all have side effects.

You want some good news?

Stem cell technology has recently made a big breakthrough.

Success with an adult stem cells product now offers us the great possibility to improve our future health and possibly even lengthen your life.

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Here is a success story which indicates the possibilities that stem cell technology now offers us.

This is a success report from the use of this stem cell discovery.


Success story report after 1 month on the stem cell product.

Within a few days David’s psoriasis was all but gone! This in itself was a great success story.

For many years we had spent a fortune on lotions and potions, all to no avail.

We have both had an astonishing lift in our energy levels.

Due to his damaged spinal cord, Graham has cynaesthesia, which causes him to spend a major part of his day lying on his bed in enormous pain.

He has to remain at a constant temperature, any change and his pain spikes up and becomes difficult to bear.

Well he is now leaving his room, sitting out in the courtyard and also going for walks, but the amazing thing is that for the first time in decades had pain free periods.

He had actually forgotten what that felt like to be pain free.


Hip pain GONE, knee pain GONE, skin improved, but the most astonishing thing of all, that due to a thyroid problem, I had lost a lot of hair, IT’S COMING BACK!!! I can’t believe it.

This for me has been is a great success story. We discover new things every day, wonderful stuff.


(This report is available in our records)

This adult stem cell discovery may also help your body to recover from some unwanted condition.

Although myself am 92 years old, I am now having a lot of success using this stem cell discovery.

I am now virtually free from the need of medical drugs and am enjoying myself in spite of my age.

This stem cell product is now patented and becoming available in a number of countries.

It is not expensive and has 6 month guarantee.

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You can lengthen your life, I hope this forum has been of value to you.

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