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The author. Eddie Mace. Recent photo, aged 91.

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Well, maybe I can help!

You probably don't want to be this young again do you?

No, I don't know who she is, however, doesn't she look gorgeous!
As a guy who is almost 92 years old and in very good physical shape I think that maybe I am qualified to express an opinion on this important subject of antiaging.


One of the the keys to increase your longevity is avoiding drugs.

I am not talking about street drugs, I am talking about authorised medical drugs.

I know that sounds crazy, but read on.

If you can keep yourself fit and well enough to not need drugs, you are well on your way to a long and healthy life.

My experience has been taking drugs generally causes some other form of side effects, some serious others just annoying.

I recently saw a report on the adverse long term effect of aspirin. This was considered to be free from side effects.

My information on antiaging would be to have a good talk to your Dr and see if you minimise or reduce your medication.

If you can’t get your Dr to cooperate, at least seek another Doctors advice but never stop your medication without a doctors OK.

Drug companies.

For years I had helped keep the drug companies happily in business, but not any longer.
STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY came to my rescue and the only medication I now take is a very small dose of Thyroxin (if I don’t forget) as I am feeling so well now, I doubt whether I need it.

How did I turn my life around?

A few years ago I found a natural product which enabled me to get by with reduced medication.

Then more recently I discovered some information on stem cells. This  provided me with a lot of valuable information.

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There is now a tremendous amount of interest in stem cells as this subject is going to have a huge impact on medical research.

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To your success with antiaging.

Eddie Mace.