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The author. Eddie Mace aged 91. Recent photo 2012.

Increase lifespan has already been to some degree successful.

Our lifespan has now increased considerably to what it was 200 years ago. 200 years ago life expectancy was 35 years and 50 was a ripe old age.

If you are currently reasonably fit and well and want to increase lifespan possibilities then you need to consider your diet.

Our modern diet needs a lot of improvements.

For example the amount of sugar we now consume is playing havoc with our health.

Type 2 sugar diabetes was once a very rare disease however it is now approaching plague proportions and it is rapidly increasing.

Trouble arises as we have neglected things like excess sugar in our diet and our body starts to complain. It starts to produce various illnesses like sugar diabetes which is largely the result of our excessive sugar consumption.

We consume over 60 kilo’s (160 pounds) of sugar per person per year! If you aren’t using it then somebody else must be using your share.

There is rising proof that sugar is a major factor in obesity and a number of chronic or even lethal diseases.

Endeavoring to deal with this by having to use things like insulin can have very bad consequences, particularly if you are interested and want to find out how to improve your lifespan.

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Becoming over weight is another threat to any attempt at increased lifespan.

We now eat far too many carbohydrates and not enough proteins.

This is aggravated by the fact that carbohydrates are far more attractive than proteins.

Our diets are now loaded with carbohydrates like sweet things and sadly lacking in important proteins.

It may interest you that we can't use carbohydrates until our body converts them into sugar!

These facts are making it difficult for us to adopt any effective system to improve our lifespan.

This is not the whole story but this alone should help you adopt a better antiaging system.

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I am 91 years old, in good health, do not depend on drugs and I believe I may have some interesting answers I could share with you.

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To success in your search to increase lifespan.

Eddie Mace.