Human cloning stem cell.

Start by understanding Human cloning stem cell and the terms we are using.

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I don’t think there is any problem with “HUMAN” so let us move on to “CLONING”.

Cloning is a common term used by scientific researchers to describe various processes for producing or duplicating various biological materials.

A good example of the possibility of human cloning arose when Scottish scientists created a now famous demonstration with “dolly” the sheep.

Human cloning is now banned in many countries throughout the world.

Now what about Stem cells?

Basically stem cells are special cells that already have or have the potential to develop into specialised types of cells in the body.

They have the ability to develop into many forms of specialised cells.

When a stem cell replicates itself, it there for has the ability to also become many forms or types of specialised cells.

Stem cells occur through out the entire development of the human body.


This information is now becoming better understood as these cells are now known as adult stem cells.

As we grow older because of the diminishing number of these cells, we reduce our ability to carry out repairs due to injury or illness.

This decline starts to happen around 30 years of age and continues to decline until about 50 when our ability to repair ourselves has sadly declined and for instance we take much longer to overcome any illness.

We depend very heavily on the availability of our stem cells to carry out our body repairs.

There is now great news regarding this.

A Canadian scientist has discovered a natural product which is capable of increasing the availability of stem cells in our blood steam by as much as 25%.

This is now proving to help overcome a whole range of disabilities, particularly as we get older.

See success stories.

This natural product after extensive testing has been patented worldwide and is now available in many countries.

NO, it is not a drug, it is a natural product.

It is not expensive and should be affordable for most people.

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Stem cells are the way of the future and I believe they are going to have a huge impact on our way forward with medical science.

Good luck with your search for human stem cells.

Eddie Mace.