Fat Stem cells.

The author, Eddie Mace recently photographed 2012 aged 91.

Using fat stem cells is now creating a lot of interest.

New things are being discovered daily about the potential of stem cells .

There has recently been an announcement from the US PATENT OFFICE covering these fat cells for their use in the treatment of things like MS, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Effective treatment of these diseases may still be a long way off in the future but steady progress is now being made using these particular fat stem cells as well as other forms of adult stem cells.

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There was an interesting announcement from the stem cell research center at UCLA.

A press conference was told that fat tissue was considered a good source of mesenchymal stem cells and that these were easy to get hold of by using common procedures like liposuction.

Great advances in medical science is now occurring which can lead to increasing longevity like the discovery made by medical scientist Christian Drepeau MSc.

Christian Drapeau.

He has isolated a product from an aquatic plant which has been certified to increase the number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream by up to 25%.

This product has proven to be extremely effective and has now been successfully patented.

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This has been a major discovery concerning our longevity because our body depends on these circulating stem cells to maintain its health by assisting our body overcome various threats to its well being.

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These discoveries are going to provide a pronounced effect on our long term longevity particularly if they can help us maintain our health into our later years.

There is not much fun in living longer if you are bedridden and we can’t really enjoy ourselves.

I have reached the age of 91 years and am still fit and well, virtually without the use of drugs and so can you.

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If you are like me and you are looking for a successful road to a healthy future and an extended longevity I believe this product can assist you achieve this.

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Adult Stem cells are going to play a major role in our future health care as many people now realise drugs are very limited in their capability.

Eddie Mace.